“Moving, nostalgic and deeply wistful, a love letter to a bygone era…”


Élie Castiel,

KinoCulture Montréal

“Here’s a film that is thought-provoking, riveting and poignant. It’s absolutely delightful.”

Pénélope McQuade,


“The film is funny, touching, intelligent, sensitive and authentic in equal measure.”


Patric Laprade,

TVA Sports

“I fell in love with the story!”



Isabelle Lacasse,


“Thomas Rinfret delivers an epic documentary brimming with humanity.”



Perrine Gruson,

Québec Hebdo

“The success of the documentary lies in the filmmaker’s gentle, even indulgent, yet never insincere, look at this man…”


Cédric Bélanger,

Journal de Montréal

“It’s a remarkable story of an utterly fascinating time and culture. You’re going to love this documentary.”


Eugénie Lépine-Blondeau, Radio-Canada

“As a filmmaker, Thomas Rinfrent is perceptive, deferential and inquisitive about this world, although he never loses sight of what’s real.”


André Lavoie,

Le Devoir